BMW M8 Competition Midnight Purple

The client, who previously had his I8 wrapped in yellow with us, contacted us to wrap his brand new M8 competition in midnight purple, which was the first ever produced and had a hefty price tag of $18,000 for the special colour alone.

As the client was concerned about protecting the expensive paint job, we installed a full body paint protection film. The results were stunning, and we thoroughly enjoyed working on this project.

A few weeks after we completed the wrap, the client shared an interesting story with us. He had just left his friend’s tint shop, and the friend told him that we had not applied the paint protection film on the carbon fiber roof. The client was shocked and knew this couldn’t be true as he trusted us completely. He asked the friend to double-check, and after pulling the rubbers away, they found that the film edges were perfectly hidden. This made us extremely happy and proud of our work.

At Concept Wraps, we take great pride in our work, and it’s no surprise that almost 70% of our business comes from returning and referred clients. We strive to maintain this level of customer satisfaction and loyalty.


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