This warranty applies only to products installed by Concept Wraps Inc. This warranty is not transferable.

Concept Wraps Inc offers the following warranty: gloss and satin wrap film 2 years (horizontal panels), 3 years (vertical panels) – matte, chrome, and textured 1 year.

Paint Protection Film clear gloss 3 years and 2 years for the rest.

Colour Change Films have an expected lifetime between 3 and 7 years, and Paint Protection Film has 10 years to lifetime.

Our warranty covers defects in materials and or installation. This includes the replacement of failed materials and the removal and re-installation of new film. This warranty does not cover damage to the wrap or graphics caused by and or due to: negligence, misuse, accidents, road damage, improper washing, wear and tear, mother nature, scuffs, dings, fuel spills, stone chips and other physical or chemical damage, failure to follow the vehicle care instructions.

This warranty does not cover failures due to pre-existing damage on the vehicle of any kind and it is only valid for original OEM painted surfaces in good condition.

This warranty does not cover lifting caused by multiple layers of film.

Concept Wraps is not liable for any emblems damage during the removal nor paint damage by removal of existing film or vinyl unwrapping.

Parts installed with double-sided tape might come loose or fall and it is not covered by warranty. We use the best tape in the market, 3M VHB, but water, heat, cold and debris can still make it fail.

All claims must be made within the warranted period and are subject to approval by Concept Wraps.

In case of a warrantable failure, Concept Wraps’ responsibility is limited solely to repairing or replacing the defective wrap or graphics. Some colours fade faster than others, and a new film might be slightly different, so a perfect match cannot be guaranteed.

Materials used in warranted repairs will carry the same warranty coverage as the materials they replace; however, the expiration dates will remain the same as the original wrap.

This warranty is the unique warranty made by Concept Wraps with regard to our vehicle wrapping services, with no other warranties expressed or implied.

In case you notice anything wrong, please contact us immediately to prevent further damage.

For any claims, you will need to show the invoice you received after the job was paid


If you are unable to submit this form, please call us at 416 806 9988, or email us at info@conceptwraps.ca.